Environmental Rehabilitation

The preservation and protection of the natural and cultural environment is of crucial importance. For this reason the Project’s closure plan is designed in such a way that it meets the international practices and ensures and guarantees the health and safety of the employees and residents of the area.

The main features of the closure plan are the following:

  • • Dismantling of the plant and of every ancillary infrastructure.
  • • Open pit partial backfilling and smooth re-contouring.
  • • Waste dump removal, drainage facility installation for surface water and re-vegetation of the area.
  • • Tailings impoundment capping of the Mine Waste Management Facility (MWMF) with appropriate material
  • • Maintenance of saddle dams and of the associated basin drainage system.
  • • Continuous monitoring and maintenance of the rehabilitated area.
  • • Agreement regarding the final land uses.

The initial closure plan shall be improved and updated during the implementation of the Project.

The plan estimates a 12-month period for the closure of the mine and the environmental rehabilitation of the area.

An overall period of 5 years is estimated for the environmental monitoring of the area, having as goal the confirmation of the successful implementation of the closure plan and of the rehabilitation plan.

The closure and environmental rehabilitation costs of the Project are estimated to 10 million euros.

The final land use of the Project area shall be compatible with the preservation of the original forest ecosystem.

The re-vegetation will begin immediately, at the start of the Project, with the removal and preservation of the topsoil as well as with the establishment of a nursery.

The company is committed to cover the rehabilitation cost with the deposition of a letter of credit of 10 million euros before the beginning of the Project’s construction.

By meeting all of the terms and requirements of the competent government services, the site will be released back to the local community for its agreed subsequent use.